“A Special Thanks to Roces for Getting Our Daughter on Skis and Skates!”

November 9, 2020

[Guest post – thanks to Sara Furlong] I hesitate to call my daughter’s condition a disability. Yes, she has a rare benign tumor that has partially paralyzed her left foot and requires her to wear a clunky brace, but her inability to do certain things isn’t because of her physical condition, and it certainly isn’t […]

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A place to skate in Newcastle Upon Tyne

November 6, 2020

We want to thank Jason Marshall for his precious suggestion. Here below is the text he sent, followed by some images. And what about you? Send the description of you “place to skate” to info@roces.it to be part of this blog. My suggestion for an inline skating route in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the United […]

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