A place to skate in Newcastle Upon Tyne

We want to thank Jason Marshall for his precious suggestion. Here below is the text he sent, followed by some images. And what about you? Send the description of you “place to skate” to info@roces.it to be part of this blog.

My suggestion for an inline skating route in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the United Kingdom. The start and end coordinates are as follows:

54°57’37.2″N 1°38’01.9″W
54.960321, -1.633862

54°58’16.6″N 1°35’19.2″W
54.971275, -1.588661

This route is 3km long and is but a very small part of the much longer Hadrian’s Wall Path. This stretch starts in a pleasant green business park on the outskirts of the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne and allows either relaxed or fast skating on a flat, straight and paved path all the way into the centre of the city. As you get nearer to the city centre, you pass under or pass by no fewer than seven bridges in quite quick succession, all of which cross over the River Tyne, which runs all the way along the route. On the route you will get to pass by the Baltic art gallery which is in an old flour mill, as well as the Sage performing arts centre, which is a striking modern building that looks like an armadillo. The final bridge along the route is the Millennium Bridge, which at certain times of the day you can watch as it tilts to let ships pass by. The route is generally quite quiet, typically being used by cyclists, but with plenty of room for skaters and very good visibility ahead. The whole of the path is illuminated at night and is very safe, with barriers all the way along.

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