A great place to skate close to Venice: Parco San Giuliano


[This post is the first of a series entitled “PLACES TO SKATE”. Our aim is to collect handy and useful suggestions about great spots for skating around the world. We start from Italy, our country, and from Venice, the most important city close to our headquarter. We would be more than happy if our readers could suggest other spots, maybe close to where they live. What we ask you is simply a good quality picture, some Google Maps coordinates and a brief description to be sent to this email address. In this way you will become a contributor in the #skatingplanet blog site by Roces, thank you!]

If you’re planning your honey moon or your lonely vacation in Venice but you cannot forget your love for skating you might take into consideration a nice green spot where to keep fit remaining close to the wonderful city you chose for your trip. Parco San Giuliano, located in Mestre (five minutes by train from Venice), is a perfect green location for skating, running or just for a walk with your friends or your kids. If you chanced to see the Venice Marathon you probably saw some images from the park. Anyway, here is a summary about the main features of the circuit:

Paving: quartz concrete
Circuit: 900m / 0,55 mi. irregular ring
Roofing and fencing: NO
Illumination: YES


Website: see this page with contact info

On Google Maps:

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