IDEA size adjustable ski boot for kids: champion of savings, comfort and personal and environmental hygiene

roces-idea-skibootAutumn has arrived and some families are already planning and dreaming of a new holyday on the snow. For these people and families with children Roces launched IDEA ten years ago, a true revolution in recreational skiing, still today the first and only real size adjustable ski boot.

In fact IDEA is the first ever ski boot equipped with an adjusting system able to face the  growth of any kid’s foot, leg and ankle preserving a perfect balance among all the natural anthropometric parameters necessary to ensure the right barycenter.
A boot specifically developed for young skiers designed and projected to ease a quick and lively learning and improvement of the skiing technique providing excellent safety and a basic, essential anatomical support to the still fragile kid’s structure.

Nothing is easier to use: no tool needed, no need of replacing anything. The parent (or even the kid) needs just to rotate a single lever placed in the lower part of the ski boot and the size-adjustment is done. The liner adjusts automatically thanks to an innovative and creative Liner Bellows System (LBS, patent pending) made by vulcanized rubber.

Each ski boot covers 6 MP sizes and is going to become a reliable friend of children, starting from their childhood up to their adolescence. This is why in some countries like the US Roces IDEA is known as the “6in1 ski boot”.

Here is the size range:
SMALL from 16.0 to 18.5 MP
MEDIUM from 19.0 to 22.0 MP
LARGE from 22.5 to 25.5 MP

Last but not least IDEA is introducing – for the very first time – a GREEN concept. Because IDEA is naturally recycled (from child to child) imagine how few boots will end up in landfills!

Just to recap these are the main benefits of the size adjustable ski boot:
– reliable
– friendly with the environment
– comfortable for the children
– reasonable in price
– long-lasting
– easy to handle

See Doctor Roces introducing the latest generation of IDEA ski boot and the dedicated web site at

And finally from the net, some comments of people who bought IDEA:

– “WOW, this is a great idea, wished I had discover these sooner”
– “no adjustments will need to happen on the binding as they have the same footprint. best boots for growing kiddos”
– “my 10 year old son loves these boots! Warm, comfortable and he hasn’t complained about cold feet once! Great value too”
– “I was tired of buying new boots each season so I decided to gives these Roces a shot. It took about a 1 minute to adjust them and my 6 year old used them over the weekend and no complaints from him whatsoever. The good news come next season…”
– “The Roces Idea 6 In 1 Ski Boot is a great idea. It saves you from having to search ski swaps and craigslist for used boots that will last only one season”
– “What a great buy: bought for my 7 year old . She loves it … and I love it too…”
– “We have now 2 sets of these boots and will soon purchase a 3rd pair”

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