In tour with Nils Jansons

And the tour with Roces pro skater Nils Jansons goes on…


14-20 June

Berlin, Germany

Abris street contest, Film/Foto project

1-8 July

Tymen, Russia (Syberia)

Camp, Film/Foto

13-14 July


Playground Festival. Contest/demo

15-20 July

Ventspils, Latvia

Annual kids camps with M.Livingston and J.Glowicki. Film/Foto

27-29 July

Ventspils, Latvia

Ghetto Games Festival. Contest

30 July – 12 Augusts

Malaga, Spain

Camp. Film/Foto

7-9 September

Budapest, Hungary

Fise World Stop

15-30 September

Place to be defined

Filming for a new project


Asia (or USA)

Fise Chengdu or Blading Cup and combine it with filming for a project

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