A place to skate in the Treviso province with a wonderful view on Venetian Prealps

pista-ciclabile-da-san-giacomo-a-vittorio-veneto[This post is the second of a series entitled “PLACES TO SKATE”. As we wrote at the beginning of the series, this aims is to collect handy and useful suggestions about great spots for skating around the world. We start from Italy and our region. We would be more than happy if our readers could suggest other spots, maybe close to where they live. What we ask you is simply a good quality picture, some Google Maps coordinates and a brief description to be sent to this email address. In this way you will become a contributor in the #skatingplanet blog site by Roces, thank you!]

We want to thank Giovanni Bonaldo, a fan that shared with us the wonderful picture beside along with some useful information about the place to skate he loves, so close to where Giovanni lives. There is water (the river Meschio), there is the grass and a long bike path and above all there is a wonderful view on the Venetian Prealps. This road for bikes and for skate lovers connects the two villages of San Giacomo di Veglia and Vittorio Veneto (a place particularly involved in the Italian experience of the First World War). If you chance to travel in the Treviso province and you want to leave for a ride (bikes or skates, no matter what) we invite you to take into consideration this path. Beside of this there is another suggestion that we have to make: the powerful source of the river Meschio, a real spectacle of nature! Watch the nice video…


Paving: asphalt
Circuit: about 2 km / 1,3 miles
Roofing and fencing: NO
Illumination: NO

Website: see this page of the Tourist Office of Vittorio Veneto

45°59’26.1″N 12°18’01.7″E
45.990579, 12.300482

On Google Maps:

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