Roces in “Monocle” magazine!

monocle-cover-blogIf you chance to reach a news-stand take a look to the February issue of MONOCLE, the interesting global affairs and lifestyle magazine. You will find an article about Italian design and sporting goods and… about Roces! (“DESIGN – Run around: tour the town that’s the go-to spot for the elite sport-shoe design”). In the interview Massimo Cavasin, Roces managing director, told the story of Roces which began in Montebelluna, a small town 50 kilometres from Venice by the mid of last century. Nowadays Roces is not only a leading company in in-line and ice skate design and production but also one of the worldwide main skate makers with an average 1 million pair output per year, sold through a distribution net covering more than 50 countries. The company has been able to blend tradition and innovation into a successful recipe that along with the very best available materials spawned several sporting tools milestones. In spite of its origins arisen from the mountain footwear, beside the “traditional” in-line and ice skates, today the company range involves also rollerskates, skateboards, scooters, protective gears, accessories and ski-boots.

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