Roces rental ice skates for fixed and mobile ice rinks (indoor and outdoor)

roces-rental-skatesThe rental ice skate business is growing everywhere. There are lots of structures and initiatives that all over the world are involved in the loan of ice skates for a short period of time and for the pure, delightful fun of occasional skaters: shopping malls, ice skating rinks, ice rinks in our cities, no matter if in real ice or artificial ice, the globe is getting familiar with a new ice skating fever.

You can find artificial and ecological ice rinks even in the hottest place on Earth, like in the Barbados or Tenerife. People gather together and just have fun, they talk, smile and skate on blades.

Being the first company introducing an ice skate in plastic in 1978, for this peculiar segment of business Roces has now launched a program based of three simple drivers of development and inspiration: product, timing, service. Soon a new web page on this program will be available in this site.

Product: a complete range of Made in Italy, colourful ice skates designed for the rental business and for the rental use.

ORIGINALE: a milestone in Roces history, with an evergreen design going back to the Seventies. A three-buckle model with a strong High Grade Polyurethane shell and cuff. The mentioned buckles resistant buckles are micrometric while the anatomical liner is removable and thermo-insulating.

RX DUE and RX TRE: the other two milestones of Roces collection for the rental ice skate business. They differ in the blade (hockey in RX DUE, figure in RX TRE) these two well known rear-entry model feature one micrometric buckle, an High Grade Polyurethane shell and cuff and a removable, anatomical and thermo-insulating liner (both models are available with a 58 HRC blade for artificial ice, as RX DUE S.I. and RX TRE S.I.).

MCK II H and MCK II F: the size adjustable MCK II skates represent a long tested solution for kids. Two resistant buckles equip a skate that could cover from size 25 to 29, from size 30 to 35 and from size 36 to size 40. To adjust the size it’s very easy by rotating the sturdy lever on the bottom part of the skate.

The collection feature a wide range of accessories for the rental ice skate business, naming lapping for sharpener, diamond for sharpener, lace puller, set of laces for ice skates, riveting machine, disposable non-woven socks, antibacterial spray and sharpener machine.

Timing: since the production is 100% Made in Italy, Roces is able to guarantee shortened production and delivery time and MOQ is not always an issue.

Service: we know our partners and our partners know us very well. We know what assistance and service in the peak periods can mean.

To recap, 5 reasons why to join the rental program by Roces:

  1. Long lasting material and unique range of ice skates
  2. Possibility to customize the skates with logo and colours
  3. The new liner is even warmer, more enjoyable and dries quickly
  4. Roces rental skates are light, easy and quick to wear
  5. Heritage: first company introducing an ice skate in plastic in 1978
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