Skating with the TV series “Soy Luna” by Disney.
Roces manufacturer partner of Giochi Preziosi Group for skates and accessories

Soy-Luna-skates-TrainingMONTEBELLUNA – Last May 9th the new TV series SOY LUNA aired for the first time in Italy. Somebody already speaks about “the new Violetta”, since the new character is expected to repeat her great success. Luna is a 16 year old girl who lives with her family in Cancún, Mexico. She goes to school, has her own group of friends, and loves to skate. Skates are a reliable companion even when her life changes after her parents are given a job offer that will move them to Buenos Aires. In her new city Luna, after a difficult start, will discover a new world of friends and love always riding her beloved skates.

Giochi Preziosi, the Italian company that produces toys and a great range of licensed based products and now holder of the license of SOY LUNA in many European countries, looked for Roces technological and manufacturing partnership to develop developing and to produce the main items related to TV series, namely skates, helmets and protective gear. “This partnership” said Roces general manager Massimo Cavasin, “is something that we are really proud of and something that we started believing in since day one. The manufacturing partnership with such an important group like Giochi Preziosi, focused on the development and production of skates, helmets and protective gear based of the wonderful series SOY LUNA aired on Disney Channel, is at the same a great satisfaction but above all a big responsibility for us”.

Roces, the company established in 1952 and rooted the renown Sport Footwear District of Montebelluna (Venice area), started manufacturing skates in the Seventies. In 1978 Roces was the first company introducing a recreational ice skate made in plastic. Starting from the Eighties, Roces is manufacturer and a popular brand of inline skates, roller skates and in the Nineties it became worldwide leader in terms of brand image. Nowadays the brand Roces is synonymous with skates and with a complete universe of fun sports, thanks to the stretching of its range to scooters and boards.

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