What to do with old skates and if you are in search of spare parts or replacement kits

As many of you know, the recent Covid-19 crisis brought also a kind of renaissance of inline skating and quad skating. With gyms and pools shut down, it was quite natural the rediscovery of a sport that is perfectly in line with the new rules of social distancing.

What to do if your skate is an old one: a few recommendations

Many people are thinking of buying a new pair of skates and this is of course a good choice because all brands feature a range of updated products that are perfect to enjoy safely your rides. Other people are simply wiping and dusting the skates they had in the garage. First, let us write an important thing that our after-sale service repeats almost every day: if your skates are more than 15 years old, you have to consider that the plastic material aged too much. In the past the skates were made in polyurethane, and some skates are still today made in polyurethane. Polyurethane is a high quality material, but you have to consider that this material absorbs the humidity from the environment and it continues to absorb it until the chemical bonds lose the elasticity and the plastic parts become fragile and may fall into pieces. This is absolutely a normal process common to all skates and you can notice it even in an aged ski boot. However, while people change ski boots often, we daily receive requests from people trying to renovate their 20 or even 30 years old skates. The lifetime of polyurethane used in skate and ski boot production is normally 10 to 15 years. However, there is no standard or a “best before” date, because duration can vary from the level of humidity and light exposure of the place where these sporting goods are stored. Our recommendations are therefore the following:

  1. if your skate is more than 10 years old, always check its conditions with extreme attention before using it and don’t use it if you notice a lack of elasticity or resistance in the material.
  2. while touching the plastic parts of your skate, if you feel a oily sensation, that is a clear warning sign that your skate is no more suitable for a safe use.

What to do if you need spare parts and replacement kits

If your skates do not fall in the above category, you may be happy to know that you can look for your spare parts or replacement kits  such as wheels, brake pads, bearings, spacers, bearing spacers, rocker washers, axles, screws, nuts, liners, foot beds, buckles, straps, laces, eyelets, frames, soul plates, grind plates. What you have to do is to browse in shop.roces.com and if you are not able to find what you need there, you can still try to contact Roces sending a picture of your skates and of the needed part. Here you can find the SPARE PARTS REQUEST CONTACT FORM. Our staff will be more than happy to support you, provided that your skate is not that old 😉 And in that case, our staff will happy to support you in the selection of the right skate for you or your beloved ones.

A quick guide to buy the right brake pad kit for your Roces COMPY and JOKEY skate

One of the most requested spare part is the brake pad kit for Roces JOKEY or COMPY skates. In order to buy the right brake pad for your JOKEY or COMPY, pay attention to the shape of the size adjustment button and follow the below instructions. You will buy the right piece with no nuisance of returning a wrong kit 😉

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